No. 3 Blend - Rocanini Coffee Roasters

No. 3 Blend


Notes: fruity, chocolaty, fully body, balanced and sweet finish

 No. 3 - A Fresh Start

The No. 3 blend was our first blend created for espresso. Of six different recipes, this ambitious blend of fruity, bright, citrus notes was the winning combination, the third blend out of our original six trials.  As our leading espresso blend, it was important for us to create a flavour which would both excite and communicate our intent as we moved forward in the pursuit of coffee.  With the No. 3 blend's non-traditional profile, our goal was, and still is, to push coffee forward, beyond expectation.  No. 3 is fresh and bright with well balanced complexities.  This blend's higher acidity produces a sweet and refreshing juicy shot, excellent served alone or paired with milk.

Varietal Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Heirloom
Processing Fully washed