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Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate Grade 1


Notes: Chocolaty, mild nutty and herbal flavors, sweet and smooth body.


At the eastern end of the island of Jamaica is a majestic range of mountains known as the Blue Mountains and only coffee grown in this precise geographic region is certified "100% Jamaica Blue Mountain®". The brand is a globally protected certification mark, meaning only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labelled as such.

Arabica Typica is the dominant variety of coffee planted in Jamaica with almost 90% of farmers cultivating the variety. The Arabica Typica is a low yielding variety, but it produces the highest cup quality noted for its mild flavour and smoothness. Over the last several decades, the Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive coffee. 

The Blue Mountains area spans four of Jamaica’s parishes, St. Andrew to south, Portland to the north, St. Mary to the west and St. Thomas to the east. The climate of the region is cool, misty with high rainfall and generous cloud cover. The soil is rich, with excellent drainage.


Net Weight 225g / 8oz
Region Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
Altitude 1000 meters
Varietal Blue Mountain Typica
Processing Fully washed, Sun dried on patios