FIFTH AVENUE Single Origin Espresso - Rocanini Coffee Roasters

FIFTH AVENUE Single Origin Espresso


Notes: Dark chocolate, roasted almond, caramel, syrupy, full body

Fifth Avenue - Our Strong Foundation

The Fifth Avenue Single Origin Espresso carries the namesake of our Roastery location on West 5th Avenue in Mount Pleasant. Our Roastery is where it all begins; it is the foundation of the whole company.  It's where we decide on our flavour profiles and meticulously test each new coffee.  Fifth Avenue SOE espresso represents this foundation.  It's a strong and full bodied coffee with dark chocolate notes that add depth, providing this espresso with the strength to act as the base in any beverage, from a single shot espresso, building to a rich, milky latte. Our intention with this blend was to create a coffee that would sit on the other end of the spectrum from the No. 3 blend. The simple yet intense flavours of our Fifth Avenue SOE espresso yield a low acidity coffee which offers a super smooth and syrupy texture.  This coffee is a staple for us, and it goes down a treat. 


Region Acatenango Valley, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Varietal 100% Bourbon
Processing Hand Picked, Spring Water Washed, Patio Sun Dried
Altitude 1550 meters