About Us

With a grounding passion for the art of living, we have a keen understanding of the delicate balance of coffee, and are not only in pursuit of the arts, but are also dedicated to the scientific side of coffee roasting and preparation. Beyond serving premium, handcrafted beverages, within our cafe and roastery locations, Rocanini also offers a range of products designed for domestic use, such as coffee equipment and other coffee-related merchandise. 

Named in homage to Italian tradition, the name “Rocanini” has been derived from the Latin word for rock, roca—with a twist. The name communicates a foundation of both strength and presence. 

With multiple years of experience in coffee retail and a true passion for coffee, an enthusiastic young group came together to open Rocanini as a coffee-roasting operation. We wanted to explore the essence of the coffee bean, the correct way to roast beans for their highest potential, and to serve and satisfy those with even the most particular taste buds. The Rocanini team is committed to maintaining integrity and quality, with the intention of expansion, and the aim to open multiple gourmet retail coffee locations.

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