Espresso Machine | Slayer Single Group
Espresso Machine | Slayer Single Group

Espresso Machine | Slayer Single Group

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A Single Group version of the Slayer Espresso. It's just enough out to make it fit on a standard home kitchen counter and run on 110v power.

It's the Dream Machine. Whether it’s the cornerstone of your café or the prize jewel in your kitchen, the Slayer Espresso Single Group is unmatched in design and innovative technologies.

Fully equipped with patented needle-valve technology for ultimate flow rate control, an independent brew boiler for impeccable temperature stability, and an individual boiler for unlimited steam capacity. This machine won’t stop until you do––steam and pull shots simultaneously and continuously without pressure drops or temperature loss. You’ll have all the necessary tools to extract the best flavors from each coffee over and over again.

Width 18.5 in / 47 cm
Depth 23 in / 58 cm
Height 13 in / 33 cm
Weight 110 lb / 50 kg
Brew Tank 1.1 liters, 600 watts
Steam Tank 3.3 L, 1,300 W OR 2,000 W
Single-Phase Power 110 V spec 120 V, 50-60Hz; 12 A; 1.6 kW
Single-Phase Power 220 V spec 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz; 9 A; 2.1—2.4 kW

measurements do not include overhanging components: portafilters, brew actuators, cup rails


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