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"Dawn knows her coffee. She’s aware of terroir, regions, layers, and how to brew the best cup of coffee."
Rocanini: a ‘cool space in Steveston’
- The Richmond Review
"Rocanini set up shop here this winter and we’re pegging it as the vanguard of Steveston cool."
- Vancouver Magazine
"Their baristas are trained to taste and taste again so you’re not likely to receive an off-shot of anything."
- Seattleite
"One of the coolest cafes in Vancouver, isn’t actually in Vancouver. It’s Rocanini in Steveston."
Cafe Style | Rocanini
- StyleQuotient
"The drinks are divine looking with some of the finest latte art hearts I've ever seen. I saw a mocha that was dark and chocolatey, -and one happy kid drinking it. :) I was the other happy kid with my perfect cappuccino. EXCELLENT! the perfect balance of bold and sweet."
Roanna Z.
- Yelp Reviews
"I was given a herbal green tea while I was there and it was exquisite. This wasn’t some dinky little Starbucks teabag either, but rather a hand scooped, freshly ground bag of delicious tea just waiting to be enjoyed."
Rocanini Boutique Coffee Shop in Steveston
- The Richmond Reel
"The verdict on the cappuccinos?  Smooth, with coffee that could easily stand alone, no milk or sugar required.  For Marnie, not adding a grain of sugar says everything about a cup of coffee, and she and Kaity would both gladly have another.  My half-sweet London Fog was actually the best I’ve had; I could tell they use exceptionally good tea, which was brewed slowly for my cup.  There are many, many more of these in my future."


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