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THE TWIST Blend Organic


Notes: Chocolate, roasted nut, bitter sweet

Twist – It's Easy, Do the Twist

Versatile, familiar, and friendly – the three words we had in mind as we created the Twist blend.  This blend is named after the popular 1960's dance move. That's right, remember the Twist?  How could you forget?  Well, like the dance, this espresso is easy for everyone to enjoy, and easy to master, since it offers a more familiar and traditional flavour profile.  The Twist blend sits on the figurative spectrum for us somewhere between our No. 3 and Fifth Avenue blends.  Twist blend works as both a standalone espresso or in milk based drinks.  Additionally, it's versatile enough to be brewed as a drip or french press coffee, providing you with a slightly darker taste and a heavier body as compared to our single origin coffees (intended primarily for drip).  The Twist has a medium, bittersweet flavour with notes of roasted nut and a chocolaty base that gives the blend its warm, friendly flavour. 


Varietal Bourbon, Typica, Lempira, Catuai, Caturra & Pacas
Processing Fully washed